Microchip Get Launched IoT Roadshow
Meet with Microchip Experts and Design Partners to Discover How to Make Your IoT Project Smart, Connected and Secure 
The Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly evolving, and so is the way we interact with our world. The latest advances in technology are promising to bring us smarter cities and driverless cars. If you are interested in designing solutions for the IoT Microchip, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, invites you to join us at one of our upcoming series of "Edge Meets AWS Cloud" roadshows.

This roadshow will introduce you to our portfolio of smart, connected and secure products, development tools and other resources that can jumpstart your project development. At this educational and entertaining event, you will learn from experts who will be discussing core technologies, cloud connectivity, encryption and security, partnerships and other topics to help you bring your IoT concept to market.

Who Should Attend?  

If you are a hardware developer, innovator, startup business owner, sales or marketing executive, academic, software programmer or company leader looking for an overview of the IoT from edge to cloud, this event if for you.

What Will You Learn? 

This one-day program includes both hands-on technical training classes and IoT Pop Talks, as shown in the schedule below. You'll learn from and network with industry leaders as well as Microchip's engineers and design partners and see some exciting demos of solutions from the IoT. You will also bet to meet and network with industry leaders and innovators in the technology sector.

The registration fee is just $10, so use the Register Now button below to sign up today.